'Luke Appleton (Manchester, UK. June 5th 1994) is a professional musician who’s career has progressed massively over the years, performing in bands such as Iced Earth, Blaze Bayley (ex Iron Maiden), Absolva and Fury UK.

In his early - late teenage years, Luke had performed all over the world playing various sized festivals and stages. Starting with his first metal band ‘Fury UK’ to performing live with the ex singer of Iron Maiden ‘Blaze Bayley’, to then joining his favourite band ‘Iced Earth’.

Luke joined Iced Earth in early 2012 and has done many tours and recordings, including a performance on the ‘Live In Ancient Kourion’ DVD, which was recorded in an ancient amphitheatre in Cyprus. Following the DVD release was to come Luke’s debut album with Iced Earth ‘Plagues of Babylon’ which featured extensive touring around the world, including a main support tour for Danish band Volbeat.

Luke is also the guitarist of UK metal band Absolva, which features band members from Luke’s previous band ‘Fury UK’, including his brother ‘Chris Appleton’. Absolva is an inspired & modern take on the proud traditions of this genre. The members of Absolva have toured alongside some of the biggest names in rock and metal including Saxon, Iced Earth, Michael Schenker, Y&T, and Blaze Bayley (ex Iron Maiden singer). 

With influences such as Steve Harris, Geezer Butler and Geddy Lee, Luke aims for melodic, hard hitting bass lines that become the glue between the guitar and the drums.