SJ aka Steev, began his music career in '73 playing trumpet in the grammar school band. In '78 as his older brother played the drums, SJ switched over to bass guitar. His intentions were to just accompany him. Both he and his brother were in a rock band that toured and recorded '78-'80.

In '83 SJ was introduced to a guitarist from University of the Pacific who had an interesting style and musical tastes. They eventually formed a new wave, alternative band writing, recording and gigging frequently up and down the state of California. They opened for bands such as The Damned, The Church, Echo and the Bunnymen, UFO, and City Kid soon to be 'Tesla.'

In '89 SJ moved to San Francisco during the quake to form another alternative rock band called 'Atomic Snakes.' They recorded two CD's. The same members then doubled as Detroit Rock City, a Kiss cover band. According to SJ “On occasion we'd open up for ourselves. It was quite the 'spinal tap' era of my musical journey”. 

In '94-'97 he made another CD with a band called Ethyl later to be 'Lucy's Crush' from S.F. It was at this point in his career that he took yet another turn forming a 13 piece R&B, jazz group from the Bay Area. 

In '99 SJ then formed a power trio called 'Toast' . 

Since the turn of the century SJ’s been honing his skills playing pick up gigs, writing, and recording with various artists from rock to jazz, fusion, and R&B. “Oliver James would fly me to Manhattan for gigs and recording projects” SJ stated .

His influences are broad, ranging from gospel to punk funk, R&B, rock, alternative, lounge. For example: Dave Weckl, Dennis Chambers, Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller, Doug Johns and Stanley Clarke to mention a few.

SJ is currently the bassist for 'When We Become Kings' the royalty has arrived!