Robert L. Woolridge Jr., known to most as RobBass, is one of the top bassist’s coming up right now in the music world. As a child growing up in the church on the Westside of Chicago, Rob displayed his love for music and musicianship at an early age. His father noticed his undeniable interest in the band and gave him his first musical venture as the church drummer. Surrounded by a musical family, it didn’t take long for him to develop an unorthodox music palate in artists such as: James Brown, Prince, John Coltrane, and the Yellow Jackets. These well renowned artists set the foundation for Rob’s eclectic taste in music.

Upon entering high school, Rob knew that he would need to embrace this love for music. He immediately joined the Edwin G. Foreman high school jazz band and the drumline. With earlier experience and exposure, Rob showed himself to be a bit more advanced than his peers. This advancement caught the attention of his former band director, Mr. Marvin Davis. Due to his display of talent, he earned a position as a leader in the jazz band.  As lead, Rob noticed that there was an extensive amount of drummers but a vital position was missing… a bass guitarist.

Having to take on the skill of learning a new instrument, Rob sought out training from veteran bassist Garret “G” Body who instilled mechanics, technique and principles (on and off the stage). Being thrown into the fire very quickly, Rob was introduced to mentor Donald “Buster” Woods who is known for providing a high-level platform for up and coming musicians throughout the Chicagoland area. These surroundings and influences exposed him to bassists Thaddeus Johnson, Donald Alford Jr. and Tony Russell, along with many other phenomenal bassists who became huge influences. With such a strong foundation, RobBass stands tall for the world to see.

The stage has been set! Rob’s unique sound has awarded him the opportunity to record with Chiara Rosario, International AME Mass Choir, Todd Dulaney, Donald “Buster” Woods and G3, and many other artists. In just 2016 alone, Rob became the bassist for Atlantic Record’s recording artist Sir the Baptist and has made appearances on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Myers, ABC’s Windy City Live and the WGN News. He has appeared in media coverage by CNN, BET, RevoltTV and many other outlets. And has performed at Voodoo Festival, South by Southwest, Bonnaroo, Sasquatch Music Festival, Afropunk Brooklyn, Shaky Beats Atlanta, Lollapalooza and many more. Robert looks forward to sharing and touching as many lives as possible with integrity, gifts and love through the bass guitar!