Jimbo Wallace is an upright and electric bass player, vocalist, and songwriter in the psychobilly and rockabilly genres. He has played bass in the Reverend Horton Heat band since 1989. He is the most-tattooed member of the band. He plays using the percussive rockabilly/psychobilly bass technique known as slap bass, in which the strings are pulled away from the fingerboard until they snap back, and the strings are rhythmically slapped against the fingerboard. This live solo performance demonstrates his rapid, virtuostic slapping technique. The German rockabilly bassist Didi Beck cites Wallace as one of his influences.

Concert reviews take note of the stunts that Wallace does with the bass, such as throwing it into the air or playing it on its side while Heath stands on top of it and plays guitar. He has a signature tiger-striped upright bass manufactured by King Double Basses.