Omar Dominick is a native of Philadelphia, PA. Born into a very musical family. His interest and talent showed and nurtured at a young age. He later moved to Daytona Beach, FL and continued to Los Angeles, CA, where he discovered a whole new outlook on music and it’s excellence.

Growing up he looked to his favorite bass players such as his uncle Paul Kennedy, his teacher Garfield Williams, Big brother Thaddaeus Tribbett, friend of the family Nathan East, Marcus Miller, and Jaco Pastorius, being in their musical presence made Omar wanted to play bass for a lifetime. He soon joined a young but very talented Superior Jazz Band his freshman year at Mainland High School in Daytona Beach, FL. While experiencing Mainland’s Jazz Band he joined his brother Manny playing in alternative Christian rock band "Crave." Traveling to and from Philadelphia Omar also played with local Philly acts as well as a few world- renowned gospel artists. Experiencing the different types of music with different artist(s) at a young age expanded his outlook on his musical career. It also allowed him to taste the life of a professional musician through technique, practice, session work, traveling, and most of all musicianship.

After graduating High School Omar relocated to Los Angeles, CA, to join his brother Manny Dominick (drummer for artists: Travie McCoy, Austin Brown, currently “Ghost Town”) in playing for R&B/Pop star “Amerie” and one of StarTrak’s duo “Chester French”. Omar’s musical journey continued as he grew and matured in the music industry.

Omar has been featured with various Artists on: “The Tonight show with Jay Leno,” “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” “Jimmy Kimmel live,” “The George Lopez Show,” and “Ellen.”

Over the past 8 years Omar has had the opportunity to travel the world with artist(s): Amerie, Chester French, Jodeci, HOPE, Austin Brown, JoJo, and Travie McCoy (of Gym Class Heroes) in where he is the appointed Musical Director. Currently Omar is traveling with K-Pop Boy Band “Big Bang” serving as Bassist. Not only has Omar had the opportunity to travel, he’s a Producer and Session Bassist as well. Omar has recorded with Grammy-Award Winning Producer Polow Da Don and Donnie Scantz, for Artist(s) such as: Monica, Gwen Stafani, Jay-Z, Nelly, Lloyd, B.O.B, Chris Brown, Timbaland, just to name a few. Omar now is now partnered up with drummer and good friend Bennie S. Rodgers II in creating a Rhythm Sectioned, Music Production Duo “Poket Media.” They’re up and coming in the music industry, and ready to make themselves known.

Omar continues to search for new challenges that can help him excel to greater musical heights.